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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Louisville Dean Finalists Include 5-Year Interim Dean And Associate Dean With Experience Addressing 50% Enrollment Decline

LouisvilleFollowing up on my previous posts on the troubles at Louisville Law School (links below):  The Provost at the University of Louisville has announced the four finalists for the law school deanship.  Two things jumped out at me:

First, one of the candidates is the Interim Dean, who has been in that position for five years.  I am not aware of any other interim dean that has served so long in that capacity in light of ABA Accreditation Standard 203 and Interpretation 203-3.  (Earlier this month, I blogged the selection of Rachel Janutis as Dean Of Capital University Law School following three years of service as interim dean.)  Not coincidentally, Louisville is scheduled for its seven-year ABA accreditation visit in Fall 2017, by which time presumably a permanent dean will be in place.

Second, in a testament to the crisis facing many law schools, one of the three external candidates highlights on the first page of his CV as the top example of his strategic leadership experience: "Responding to collapse in applications (77% decrease from 2011 to 2015) and steep decline in enrollment (49% decrease in 1L class size from 2011 to 2015), developed and implemented multi-faceted strategic enrollment strategy."

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I'm a 1L there. Not surprisingly, our orientation program this year was scrubbed of identity politics. Prof. Milligan lead two hour discussion with incoming 1L class about the importance of political and ideological diversity in higher ed. Good start to law school.

Posted by: EW | Jan 25, 2017 5:13:47 AM

Louisville Law School? Shut it down -- there are way too many attorneys as it is. Much as with immigration, the country needs a respite from the legal plague.

Posted by: wjr | Jan 25, 2017 2:00:05 PM