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Saturday, December 31, 2016

This Week's Ten Most Popular TaxProf Blog Posts

  1. During Sabbatical, UC-Berkeley Professor Rented Home On 'The Airbnb For Academics' To Visiting Professor, Who Used California Law To Squat In Home Without Paying Rent
  2. A Plan To Make Students Great Again: Replace Loans With Income Shares, Force Colleges To Spend 5% Of Their Endowments Each Year
  3. The IRS Scandal, Day 1327: Delay In Koskinen Impeachment Is Discordant Note In Kumbaya Between Trump And GOP Congress
  4. Editorial: 'Unconscionable' Leaders Hid Charlotte Law School's Problems To Keep Revenue Flowing; 'Catastrophic Fiasco May Destroy Lives Of Hundreds Of Innocent Students'
  5. Students File $5 Million Class Action Lawsuit Against Charlotte Law School
  6. The IRS Scandal, Day 1330: House Republicans And Democrats Forge Rare Bipartisan Agreement To Block Impeachment Of IRS Commissioner
  7. Tax Prof Nancy Shurtz Blasts University Of Oregon For Improperly Releasing Error Filled Report As 'Public Retaliation And Shaming'
  8. Blackman: University of Oregon's Punishment Of Tax Prof Nancy Schurtz For Wearing Blackface To Halloween Party In Her Home Is 'Dangerous And Wrong'
  9. Drexel Freezes Faculty, Staff Staff Salaries Due To Decreased Enrollments
  10. The IRS Scandal, Day 1329: Did The IRS's Targeting Of Conservative Groups Lead It To Grant Tax-Exempt Status To 'Hate Groups'?

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