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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Online Law School Rankings

Online35 Best Online Law Schools:

  1. Villanova:  Villanova University offers an LL.M. in Taxation fully online. ... This degree is available 100 percent online and is taught in an interesting manner. Although most of the courses are asynchronous, there are debates, discussions, and class activities that are done in real-time on an almost weekly basis. This allows students to study on their own time and bring their knowledge and perspective to share with their class at appointed intervals. ... Students will also have the opportunity to partake in study and tutoring groups, do research with the help of the school’s online law library, speak with online advisors, and more. It is the best tax program for any lawyer in the country, and the overall experience of attending Villanova makes it the top pick for this ranking.
  2. Washington University
  3. USC
  4. NYU
  5. Florida
  6. Boston University
  7. George Washington
  8. Illinois
  9. Pittsburgh
  10. Tulsa

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What is the difference between these programs and Trump University?

Posted by: mike livingston | Oct 12, 2016 4:29:58 AM

The major difference is that Trump university was significantly cheaper!

Posted by: LLM | Oct 12, 2016 9:54:51 AM

No Trump University is a rip off. You actually learn something useful at these institutions

Posted by: Sid | Oct 12, 2016 10:47:29 PM