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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Prospective Law Students Care More About Rankings Than Financial Aid

Kaplan LogoNational Law Journal, Pedigree Still Matters to Prospective Law Students:  "A survey of prelaw students found that nearly 40 percent would choose a top-tier law school at full cost rather than a less prestigious institution offering a scholarship."

Wall Street Journal, Survey: For Many, Law School Rankings Matter More Than Aid:  "Students contemplating a legal career still place a high premium on law school rankings—with some reporting they would rather attend a top school even if they got no financial aid at all."

Kaplan Test Prep Survey, For Pre-Law Students, a Law School’s Ranking May Matter More Than its Financial Aid Package in Choosing Where to Attend:

A new Kaplan survey of over 600 pre-law students finds that a law school’s ranking continues to factor significantly into their decision where to enroll – in many cases, even more than financial aid and ability to pay. When asked which law school admissions scenario they’d prefer to be in, Kaplan found the following:

  • Mid-Tier School, Some Aid:  A plurality (46%) of those surveyed said they’d rather be accepted by a mid-tier law school, where they’d receive a half-scholarship.
  • Top-Tier Law School, Zero Aid:  39% said they’d prefer to be accepted by a top tier law school, where’d they’d receive no financial aid at all.
  • Lower-Tier Law School, Full Aid: Just 16% said they’d prefer to be accepted by a lower ranked law school and receive a full ride scholarship.

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