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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

NY Law Students to Take Bar Exam in February of Their 3L Year

New York Law Journal:  Courts, Law Schools Gear Up for Pro Bono Scholar Program:

NYNew York's 15 law schools and the state court system are laying the groundwork for a new Pro Bono Scholars program, where students can dedicate their final semester to pro bono work on behalf of low-income clients in exchange for early bar admission.

Starting next spring, about 150 students will spend 12 weeks working full-time for a law school clinic, legal services nonprofit, government agency or law firm. Placements will begin March 2, after participants take the February bar exam.

Though their work will be unpaid, students will receive at least 12 academic credits and participate in a weekly, on-campus seminar to complement what they're learning on the job. Licensed attorneys will supervise them.

Early bar admission is a top selling point for potential Pro Bono Scholars. Participants will be admitted by June 2015, up to a year before their classmates who take the July bar exam.

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I, for one, grew weary of the "pro bono opportunities" arranged by my law school, the University of Washington in Seattle, because all of them, bar none, were leftist hobby horses. This was in 1996-97. I can only imagine since then it's gotten worse. Bar associations and law schools need to get out of the business of providing free labor for leftism.

Posted by: Brendon Carr | Jul 10, 2014 1:18:09 AM

This is potentially a very big deal for legal education. If the program takes hold, or spreads to other states, I foresee it having a sizable effect on both hiring practices and the number (and quality) of February bar takers.

Posted by: Former Editor | Jul 10, 2014 7:10:51 AM