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Monday, July 7, 2014

Breitbart-Johnston Kerfuffle Over Republican Racism in Opposition to Tax Increases

Breitbart:  Journo: Opposition to Taxes and Spending Is Racist:

In an appearance on the Thursday broadcast of MSNBC’s The Reid Report, [David Cay Johnston] stated that Republicans oppose higher taxes and spending because “there's all sorts of areas where a fixed ideology that has no support in the empirical data gets into people's heads and that's what becomes important and there's also an element of racism in here.”

David Cay Johnston responds:

Problem is I did not say that “being against high taxes is racist.” Go listen to my carefully nuanced words, especially the words "an element" and pay attention to what it refers to in my comments about opposition to spending on infrastructure - roads, bridges, dams, water mains.

Update:  More from David Cay Johnston:

I believe in engaging readers especially the very ill-informed who would benefit from knowing facts they obviously are unaware of.

Someone just posted that I should ignore people who, in the view of the poster, have no regard for fact. I disagree. I am also an on curable optimist, as Anyone who chooses in our time to have eight children must be.

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I am shocked to see the liberal hack David Cay Johnston introduce the racism whine to a debate over taxation. Next you will tell me there is gambling in Casablanca!

Liberals are so self-assured and smug in their moral superiority that they honestly cannot imagine that people can have legitimate grounds to oppose their policies. It's quite sad.

Posted by: Todd | Jul 7, 2014 8:36:02 PM

Johnston's explanation basically comes down to his racism reference refers to spending rather than taxing. Ok. We all feel so much better now. Thanks for the nuance, Clay. You're a funny guy! Congrats on the 8 kids though. Good on you for that!

Posted by: Mike Petrik | Jul 9, 2014 8:41:49 AM