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Friday, May 9, 2014

Moody's Law School Rankings

Moody'sFollowing up on yesterday's post, Moody's: Standalone Law Schools Without 'Premier Brands' Face Credit Stress:  Dan Filler (Drexel), Analyzing Moody's New Report On Law Schools:

[Moody's] ignored outside ranking organizations and instead clustered law schools into four groups, based on job placement.  For this purpose, Moody's used the number of students in JD or JD advantage jobs, full or part-time, long or short-term.  (We can infer they included school-funded positions.)    Using this method,  the top quartile of schools (including all the super-elites) placed at least  84.1% of grads [Top 25]; the second quartile placed between 78% and 84%; the third quartile placed between 71% and 77%; and the lowest quartile placed less than 71% of graduates.

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