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Friday, April 4, 2014

LegalED: Igniting Law Teaching -- A TEDx-Styled Conference

LegaledLegalED hosts its first conference today on Igniting Law Teaching! (webcast):

The conference theme – Igniting Law Teaching – responds to the calls for reform of legal education. This theme was selected so that we could create a forum for professors experimenting with cutting edge technologies and techniques in law teaching with the goal of spreading their ideas to the broader community. We see the conference as a way to showcase professors who are leaders in teaching innovation and to inspire innovation by others as well.

This conference will be unlike other gatherings of law professors. Here, talks will be styled as TEDx Talks, with each speaker on stage alone, giving a well scripted and performed talk about an aspect of law school pedagogy. The goal is to create a collection of short, 10-minute videos on law school-related pedagogy that will inspire innovation and experimentation by law professors around the country to bring more active learning and practical skills training into the law school curriculum. The videos will be available for viewing by the larger academic community on LegalED, a website developed by a community of law professors interested in using online technologies to facilitate more active, problem-based learning in the classroom, in addition to more assessment and feedback.

Michele Pistone, (Villanova), Why Law Schools Need to Change

Panel #1:  Flipping the Law School Classroom

  • William Slomanson (Thomas Jefferson), hy Why Flip? and Macro Design
  • Jennifer Rosa (Michigan State), Legal Writing on Steroids: The Art of Flipping Your Classroom
  • Debora L. Threedy (Utah), Flipping Contracts: The Making of the Videos
  • Wes Reber Porter (Golden Gate), A Better Class to Class Process to Accompany Flipping
  • David Thomson (Denver), Move 1L Online

Panel #2:  Using the Classroom for Active Learning

  • Jamie R. Abrams (Louisville), The Socratic Method, Revisited
  • Erika L. Wood (New York Law School), Borrowing from the Skills Classroom to Teach Doctrine
  • Jeremiah Ho (UMass), Not Your Father’s Case Method: Bringing Skills into Doctrinal Courses
  • Victoria Duke (Indiana Tech), Bringing Exercises in Large Classes
  • Enrique Guerra-Pujol (Barry), Using Film to Teach Torts
  • Victoria Szymczak (Hawaii), Using Video to Convert Student into Teachers

Panel #3:  Applying Learning Theory to LegalEDucation

  • Leah Wortham (Catholic), Graduating Them Whole Not Broken
  • John P. Joergensen (Rutgers-Newark), Scaffolding
  • Paul D. Callister (UMKC), The Metacognition Imperative: Beyond Research Training
  • Warren Binford (Willamette), How to Be the World’s Worst Law Professor
  • Jeffrey B. Ritter (Georgetown), Mapping the Law: Building and Using Visual Mindmaps in Legal Education

Panel #4:  The Craft of Law Teaching

  • Sharon Keller (District of Columbia), Old Professor Tricks
  • Kim Hawkins (New York Law School),  What Law Professors Need to Know About Visual Arts
  • Jill A. Smith (Georgetown), Going Hollywood on your Desktop: Creating Great Screencasts
  • Doni Gewirtzman (New York Law School), Teaching and Theater: The Craft of Law Teaching
  • Leah A. Plunkett (New Hampshire), An Improviser’s Guide to Law Teaching

Luncheon Address:  Leo Martinez (UC-Hastings; President, AALS)

Panel #5:  Simulations, Feedback, & Assessment

  • Shawn Marie Boyne (Indiana-Indianapolis), Disaster in the Classroom: Using Simulations to Teach National Security Law
  • Renee Nicole Allen (Florida A&M), Metacognition and the Value of Reflection in Learning
  • Michele Gilman (Baltimore), Why Use Clickers? To Provide Students Real Time Feedback
  • Sydney Beckman (Lincoln Memorial), Using Technology For Engagement and Assessment
  • Margaret Hahn-Dupont (Northeastern), Learning Through Reflection and Self-Assessment

Panel #6:  Beyond Traditional Law Subjects

  • John M. Bickers (Northern Kentucky), Using a Wok:  How Non-Bar Tested Electives Can Teach Lawyering
  • Susan L. Brooks (Drexel), The ABCs of Communication for Teaching Relational Lawyering and Resilience
  • Ryan Dooley & Allison Robbins (CUNY ), The Law School as a Classroom
  • Vicenç Feliú (Villanova), Clinics and Librarians Collaborating
  • Elizabeth Keyes (Baltimore), Teaching Narrative
  • James G. Milles (SUNY-Buffalo), Returning the Client to Legal Education
  • Emmeline Paulette Reeves (Richmond), Teaching with the End (Bar Passage) in Mind

Panel #7:  Teaching for the 21st Century

  • Dan Jackson (Northeastern), Designing Lawyers: Leading an Experiential Law School Design Lab
  • Jay Gary Finkelstein (DLA Piper), Get Real!: Using Experiential Learning and Collaborative Teaching to Train ‘Practice Aware’ Lawyers
  • Christine P. Bartholomew (SUNY-Buffalo), Finding Tim
  • Jeanne Eicks (Vermont), Game On! Educational Games for Law Students
  • Brett Johnson (Harvard), H2O: Remixing the Casebook

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