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Monday, April 21, 2014

Bainbridge: The Ten Likeliest Law School Reforms

Stephen Bainbridge (UCLA), Rank Ordering the Likelihood of Law School Reforms:

Top 10 (2014)I have to give a talk next month on the state of legal education. As someone who falls in between the "law school is a scam" and the "law school is great" folks, I think the system doesn't need to be blown up but also that some reforms in legal education are essential. But what are the odds they're going to happen?

Here are my Big 10 reforms. My questions for readers are (a) have I left any out and (b) do I have them correctly ranked by order of probability they will actually happen (going from most to least likely). Please note that this list is NOT normative. It's not the order in which I think reforms ought to happen, but rather the order of the likelihood I think they might happen.

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