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Saturday, April 5, 2014

17th Annual Critical Tax Theory Conference Concludes Today at Baltimore

Baltimore Law School LogoThe  17th Annual Critical Tax Theory Conference concludes today at Baltimore:

Critical tax scholars ask why the tax laws are the way they are and what impact tax laws have on historically disempowered groups, such as people of color; women; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered individuals; low-income and poor individuals; the disabled; and nontraditional families. Critical tax scholarship shares the following goals: (1) to uncover bias in the tax laws; (2) to explore and expose how the tax laws both reflect and construct social meaning; and (3) to educate nontax scholars and lawyers about the interconnectedness of taxation, social justice, and progressive political movements. However, as articulated at the original conference in 1995 to the present, the content of the Critical Tax Theory Conference has not been narrow – the topics discussed have been wide-ranging and have included more conventional tax topics as well.

Session #5:

  • Steven Dean (Brooklyn), Space Madness: Subsidies and Economic Substance 
  • Henry Ordower (St. Louis), Income Imputation: Toward Equal Treatment of Renters and Owners

Session #6:

  • Nan Kaufman (St. Louis), Tax Ladies
  • Keeva Terry (Howard), Divorce Without Marriage? There's Nothing Sexy about Taxing Property Transfers between Unmarried Couples
  • Mildred Robinson (Virginia), Philanthropy in IRC Section 170?

Session #7:

  • Neil H. Buchanan (George Washington), Forced Labor and the Income Tax: The Full Implications of Taking Nozick’s (Now-Repudiated) Claim Seriously
  • Nancy Shurtz (Oregon), Long-Term Care and the Tax Code: A Feminist Perspective
  • Linda Sugin (Fordham), Payroll Taxes, Mythology and Fairness

Session #8:

  • Andrew Blair-Stanek (Maryland), Crisis-Proofing the Tax Code
  • Wendy Gerzog (Baltimore), Façade Easements: Façades of Equity (incubator) Anthony

Prior Critical Tax Theory Conferences:

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