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Thursday, March 27, 2014

George Mason Law Prof Tyler Cowen Pepper Sprayed in Class by Intruder

CowenABA Journal, Law Prof Is Pepper Sprayed During Lecture by Man Who Demands a Citizen’s Arrest:

A George Mason University law professor [and blogger] was pepper sprayed during class by a man who jumped onto the professor’s desk and demanded a citizen’s arrest.

WJLA identifies the professor as Tyler Cowen. He was teaching a unit on vigilantism, so some students may have thought the attack was staged, the broadcast station says. and CBSDC also have reports on the incident. ...

Cowen and the suspect did not know each other,police said. Medics briefly treated the professor and the students for breathing issues. Cowen declined to be taken to the hospital, WJLA says.

(Hat Tip: Jeff Baker.)

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