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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Christians: Taxpayer Rights, On and Off-Shore

Tax Analysys Logo (2013)Allison Christians (McGill), Taxpayer Rights, On and Off-Shore: The 2013 Taxpayer Advocate's Report to Congress, 73 Tax Notes Int'l 233 (Jan. 20, 2014):

In the 2013 National Taxpayer Advocate's Report to Congress, two concerns take center stage: the need for greater protection of taxpayer rights, and the increasing pressure on the system created by the U.S. tax regime’s extraterritorial reach. Neither of these issues is new; indeed, the NTA has repeatedly attempted to raise awareness of each over several years. But the Report demonstrates that these two concerns are on a collision course, and impact looks imminent for 2014 as the US doubles down on long under-enforced jurisdictional claims over nonresidents with US nationality or legal status. The basic impracticality of finding and claiming nonresidents with US ties is compounded by the violation of internationally recognized tax jurisdiction norms, creating an unsustainable enforcement rift that directly challenges the voluntarism theme that Olsen views as key to the fiscal system as a whole.

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