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Friday, February 21, 2014

Duke Hosts Conference Today on Taking Administrative Law to Tax

Duke Law (2014)The Duke Law Journal hosts a symposium today on Taking Administrative Law to Tax:

Panel #1:  The Tax Exceptionalism Debate

Bryan Camp (Texas Tech), Reimagining Regulations: Thinking Outside the Tax Exceptionalism Box
Discussant:  Andy Grewal (Iowa)

Larry Zelenak (Duke), Maybe Just a Little Bit Special, After All?
Discussant:  Richard Murphy (Texas Tech)

Panel #2:  Adjudicating Tax Issues

Steve Johnson (Florida State), Reasoned Explanation and IRS Adjudication
Discussant:  Richard Pierce (George Washington)

Leandra Lederman (Indiana), (Un)Appealing Deference to the Tax Court
Discussant:  Keith Fogg (Villanova)

Panel #3:  A Functional Look at the IRS

Ellen Aprill (Loyola-L.A.), A Case Study of Legislation v. Regulation: Defining Political Campaign Intervention under Federal Tax Law
Discussant:  Rich Schmalbeck (Duke)

Kristin Hickman (Minnesota), Administering the Tax System We Have
Discussant:  Stuart Benjamin (Duke)

Update (courtesy of Leandra Lederman):


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