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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snowiest College Rankings

Accuweather_logoAccuWeather, The 10 Snowiest Colleges in the US:

Below are the top 10 snowiest colleges in the United States, ranked by the school's annual average snowfall.

  1. Michigan Technological University (200 inches of snow)
  2. Syracuse University and SUNY-Oswego (124.3)
  3. University of Rochester (99.4)
  4. SUNY-Buffalo (94.5)
  5. University of Minnesota-Duluth (86.6)
  6. University of Vermont (81.7)
  7. Southern New Hampshire University (69.8)
  8. Western Michigan University (67.9)
  9. Cornell University (65.0)
  10. University of Alaska at Fairbanks (62.0)

(Hat Tip:  Inside Higher Ed.)

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Bozeman MT has 86 inches average snowfall, which makes me wonder whether Montana State University not being on the list suggests the list isn't that well done.

Posted by: Dave | Jan 25, 2014 4:58:28 PM