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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

McCluskey: How Money for Legal Scholarship Disadvantages Feminism

Martha T. McCluskey (SUNY-Buffalo), How Money for Legal Scholarship Disadvantages Feminism:

A dramatic infusion of outside money has shaped legal theory over the last several decades, largely to the detriment of feminist theory. Nonetheless, the pervasive influence of this funding is largely ignored in scholarly discussions of legal theory. This denial helps reinforce the marginal position of feminist scholarship and of women in legal theory. Conservative activists and funders have understood the central role of developing community culture and institutions, and have helped shift the prevailing framework for discussion of many questions of theory and policy through substantial investments in law-and-economics centers and in the Federalist Society. Comparing the institutional resources and structures of support for feminist or gender scholarship to those developed for economic analysis of law focused on free-market or neoliberal policy and business interests reveals substantial differences. Further, much of this conservative institution building has been dominated by men and has served to promote legal scholarship by white men in particular. I conclude by considering how feminist legal scholarship might better develop institutional support despite access to much less money.

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What a joke. How many tuition-funded hours did this faculty member spend on this study? Will it ever be cited in an opinion, or used by any practitioner?

A liberal/progressive crying "woe is me" in academia is downright laughable. Everyone knows that the academy, especially the legal one, is tilted so far left that you are likely to find more socialists than conservatives on the faculty of any law school. The reason private groups arose to fund the libertarian/conservative movements in law is precisely because that was the only way they could receive funding.

File this under reason #594059 why law school tuition is absurdly high - paying faculty to produce garbage like this.

Posted by: Todd | Jan 15, 2014 9:08:08 AM