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Monday, December 16, 2013

Private College President Salaries

Following up on my prior post, Public College and University President Salaries, 2012-13:  Chronicle of Higher Education, Executive Compensation at Private Colleges:

  1. Robert J. Zimmer (University of Chicago):  $3,358,723
  2. Joseph E. Aoun (Northeastern University):  $3,121,864
  3. Dennis J. Murray (Marist College):  $2,688,148
  4. Lee C. Bollinger (Columbia University):  $2,327,344
  5. Lawrence S. Bacow (Tufts University):  $2,223,752
  6. Amy Gutmann (University of Pennsylvania):  $2,091,764
  7. Anthony J. Catanese (Florida Institute of Technology):  $1,884,008
  8. Esther L. Barazzone (Chatham University):  $1,812,132
  9. Shirley Ann Jackson (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute):  $1,752,642
  10. Richard C. Levin (Yale University):  $1,652,543

42 private college presidents had total compensation in excess of $1 million, compared with 4 public college presidents70 college football coaches and 36 men's college basketball coaches make more than $1 million.

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I think there's a real issue coming here. These are people getting 7-figure salaries with what is at least in part public money resulting from tax deductions, etc. It can't go on indefinitely.

Posted by: michael livingston | Dec 17, 2013 3:34:45 AM