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Thursday, November 28, 2013

What Tax Profs Are Thankful For

  • Jennifer Bird-Polan (Kentucky):  "I am incredibly thankful every day to have a job I love surrounded by people who make it fun for me to go to work. I am thankful for an amazing family who make it fun for me to come home at the end of the day. And antibiotics. I am very thankful for antibiotics."
  • Bryan Camp (Texas Tech):  "Like any good tax lawyer, I am thankful the the gains in my life have all been capital while the losses in my life have been ordinary.
  • Sheldon Cohen (IRS Commissioner (1965-69); Farr, Miller & Washington, Washington, D.C.):  "This retired tax prof thanks all of you for the first rate exchanges of ideas that occur every day on your wonderful blog. All best wishes fro a Wonderful Holkday and a Great New Year to everyone."
  • Bridget Crawford (Pace):  "Great students, tenure, and co-authors Joseph Dodge and Wendy Gerzog!"
  • Susan Daicoff (Arizona Summit):  "Having met, and learned tax from, Charlie Lyon (coffee time!), Jim Eustice, & Carr Ferguson. Doug Miller and Dennis Calfee making the 1983 Code irresistible. The energy & spirit of my tax students and how much fun we’ve had in class this fall, particularly with policy. Local tax lawyer-mentors for my students. The symmetry of teaching 'baby' tax for the first time, 30 years after learning it myself. And all of you!"
  • Cliff Fleming (BYU):  "I continue to be thankful for the opportunity to work with bright young people who think of ideas that would never have occurred to me but most of all, I'm grateful that my wife is responding well to chemotherapy and that we will be able to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary in May."
  • Will Foster (Washburn):  "I am thankful for my colleague Amy Westbrook, who works tirelessly for the benefit of the law school and the students, even at great personal sacrifice. Beyond her inspired efforts in the classroom and as director of the Business and Transactional Law Center, Amy is an indefatigable scholar and a conscientious mentor to junior faculty members. She in the quintessence of what is right in legal education."
  • Andrew Hayashi (Virginia):  "As I sit in the airport on my way back from my first NTA meeting, I'm feeling thankful for that organization and especially for those more senior members of the tax community whose intellectual leadership and commitment to improving our systems of taxation are so inspiring, and whose friendliness and decency help create a sense of camaraderie among us."
  • Francine Lipman (UNLV):  "For the first time in over one hundred years, Hanukkah overlaps Thanksgiving! I am overwhelmingly thankful for a supportive family, law school faculty, administration, and staff and tax colleagues and friends across the country who support my tax justice writing, outreach, and service. I am deeply humbled, touched and enormously grateful for these gifts and the opportunity and resources to pay it forward."
  • James Maule (Villanova):  [See here.]
  • John Plecnik (Cleveland State):  "I am thankful for the love and support of my friends and colleagues at Cleveland State, my family and neighbors in Willoughby Hills, and my fellow tax profs and lawyers across the country. I am also thankful for my two-wheeled blue Bimmer and my four-legged, red-nosed Bimmer."
  • Paul Caron (Pepperdine):  "I am thankful for our first Thanksgiving here":

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