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Friday, November 22, 2013

NTA Annual Conference on Taxation

NTA CoverThe National Tax Association 106th Annual Conference on Taxation continues today in Tampa. Tax Prof speakers include:

Abusive Tax Planning, Tax Aggressiveness, and Tax Penalties:

The Big Picture: Major Reforms and Tax Policy Discourse:

  • Daniel Shaviro (NYU) (Organizer and Moderator)
  • Jane Gravelle (Congressional Research Service) & G. Thomas Woodward (Woodward Farm), Clarifying the Relation Between Base-Broadening and Effective Marginal Tax Rates
  • Zachary Liscow (Yale), A Framework for Distribution through Legal Entitlements versus Taxes
  • Roberta Mann (Oregon), Economists Are from Mars, Lawyers Are from Venus: Communication Failure and the Implications for Tax Policy
  • Laurence Seidman (Delaware), Medicare for All: A Public Finance Analysis
  • Discussants:   G. Thomas Woodward (Woodward Farm), Daniel Shaviro (NYU)

Business Taxation: Managerial Incentives and Investment Decisions:

Formulary Approaches to International Taxation:

  • Kimberly Clausing (Reed College) (Organizer and Moderator)
  • Kimberly Clausing (Reed College), Lessons from the U.S. State Experience for International Tax Reform
  • Walter Hellerstein (Georgia), Designing the Limits of Formulary Income Attribution Regimes: Lessons from the Proposed CCCTB and the U.S. States
  • Susan Morse (Texas), The Transfer Pricing Regs Need a Good Edit
  • Discussants:  Chris Sanchirico (Penn), Ruud de Mooij (IMF), Stephen Shay (Harvard)

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