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Friday, October 4, 2013

University of Washington Hosts 2013 Tax Symposium Today

UW 3The University of Washington hosts the 2013 Tax Symposium today:

Panel #1:  Multiple Purposes of the Tax System

  • Deborah H. Schenk (NYU) (moderator)
  • Miranda Perry Fleischer (San Diego), Charity, Poverty and Duty
  • Kristin E. Hickman (Minnesota), Administering the Tax System We Have
  • Nancy Staudt (USC), Taxing Guns

Panel #2:  Taxpayer Ethics, Citizenship and Compliance

  • Jasper Smith (Tax Analysts) (moderator)
  • Joshua D. Blank (NYU), Collateral Compliance, 162 U. Pa. L. Rev. ___ (2013)
  • Michelle L. Drumbl (Washington & Lee), When Helpers Hurt: Protecting Taxpayers from their Return Preparers
  • Lawrence A. Zelenak (Duke), Taxpaying and Fiscal Citizenship

Panel #3:  IRS Duties and Discretion

  • Ilesa McAuliffe (University of Washington) (moderator)
  • Steve R. Johnson (Florida State), Can Taxpayers and Their Advisors Rely on Favorable IRS Guidance? What Happens when the IRS's Responsibilities to Particular Taxpayers Clash with Its Responsibilities to the System as a Whole?
  • Lily Kahng (Seattle), IRS Administrative Discretion: Uses and Abuses

Panel #4:  Avoidance, Ethics, and International Perspectives

  • Shannon McCormack (University of Washington) (moderator)
  • David Duff (British Columbia), Departure Trades and Offshore Trust Arrangements: Reflections on the Tax Avoidance Industry in Canada
  • Shu-Yi Oei (Tulane), The Ethics of Taxing Exits

Panel #5:  Tax Professions and Professional Responsibility

Panel #6:  Duties and Regulation

  • Scott Schumacher (University of Washington) (moderator)
  • Heather M. Field (UC-Hastings), Aggressive Tax Planning and the Ethical Tax Lawyer
  • Michael Hatfield (Texas Tech), Legal Ethics and Tax Advice, 1965-1985, 14 Fla Tax Rev. ___ (2014)
  • Michael Lang (Chapman), Can the IRS Effectively Regulate the Quality of Tax Planning Advice?
  • Richard Lavoie (Akron), Vox Clamantis in Deserto: The Role of the Individual in Forging a Strong Duty to the Tax System

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