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Monday, October 28, 2013

Red Sox Nation Extends to Uganda

My wife and I were delighted to host a dinner last night for six judges from Uganda who are visiting Pepperdine this week, along with my faculty colleagues Bob Cochran, Jim Gash, and Chris Goodman. It was great to introduce the judges to American baseball and Red Sox Nation -- they had never heard of Bucky Dent or Bill Buckner (not to mention Cowboy Up, the Bloody Sock, or Big Papi).

Red Sox

TaxProf Blog obsession with coverage of the Red Sox:

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And then there is the Hartford Courant story about Red Sox relief pitcher Craig Breslow and his 501(c)(3), the Strike 3 Foundation.

"The Red Sox relief pitcher, enjoying the great autumn of his baseball life, does not particularly enjoy his nickname 'The Smartest Man in Baseball.' A Yale degree in molecular biophysics and biochemistry aside, the title carries a distinct scent of the pompous and vainglorious. He is neither. . . .

"Will he pursue medicine when he retires? On Tuesday, he said he doesn't know. Already a respected baseball mind, he could remain in the game. Or he could continue to use his influence to drive research. This is a guy who deals with the IRS for his charity, who is so hands-on in his daily involvement, others are left in awe."

Posted by: Bob Kamman | Oct 28, 2013 9:02:27 AM