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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Preliminary 1L Enrollment Data

Above the Law has produced a great infographic on preliminary enrollment data for the entering 1L class:

  • Mean LSAT, GPA, and class size for the Top 14 and Top 100 law schools
  • The five law schools with the biggest enrollment increases and decreases
  • The five law schools with the biggest GPA increases and decreases
  • The law school with the biggest LSAT increase (UC-Berkeley) and decrease (Florida)

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As a bunch of schools have not released any data yet -- and I am guessing some with the worst outcomes are probably most reluctant to release them -- this information does not represent the "top five" or "biggest" in any category. Only of those who have already released. The totals for the T14 and T100 are also skewed because of this.

Posted by: Buster | Oct 12, 2013 3:22:44 PM

This is a non-story.

ATL went to press with this article before assessing whether the data that they pulled from was complete...or maybe they did assess adequacy of data and went to press anyway, that wouldn't surprise me either...

Buster is correct. Only ~75% of schools have published for prospective students that which they know, due to their necessary submission the ABA and/or LSAC, so there is more yet to come.

For those of us with any degree of schadenfreude, this will eventually be a good read. I look forward to seeing how the UIUCs, DePauls and Brooklyns of the market fared.

Posted by: anon | Oct 13, 2013 5:29:25 PM