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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

NLJ: Seven Best Law School Mentions in Congress This Year

National Law Journal, Seven Best Law School Mentions in Congress This Year:

Congressional lawmakers—more than two-fifths of whom are lawyers by education—often can't resist from referring to their law school days when in need of a pithy anecdote for speechifying. ... Here are seven of the best law school mentions this year, as reported in the Congressional Record: ...

6. "I felt un-American that I could not figure out my own taxes, especially as somebody who went to college, went to law school, is in the Senate." – Senator Max Baucus (D-Mont.)

On July 23, Baucus (Stanford Law School, ’67) was pressing for aggressive reforms to the tax code, when he used his law schooling to show it is too complex to do income taxes at your kitchen table without the help of a "fancy lawyer."

Baucus pointed out that there have been 15,000 changes to the tax code since the last time it was updated in 1986. Those added loopholes, deductions and credits, but nothing subtracted from the code. "Many Americans believe, as a consequence, that somebody else is getting some deductions and credits when they hire a fancy lawyer," Baucus said.

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