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Friday, October 18, 2013

3rd Annual NYU/UCLA Tax Policy Symposium: Politics and Taxation

NYU UCLAThe Third Annual NYU/UCLA Tax Policy Symposium, Politics and Taxation, takes place today at UCLA:

Paper #1:  Mitt Romney, the 47 Percent, and the Future of the Mass Income Tax

  • Deborah Schenk (NYU) (presenting paper by Larry Zelenak (Duke)
  • Commentators: Alan Auerbach (UC-Berkeley), Daniel Shaviro (NYU)

Paper #2:  Cheating on Their Taxes: Are Tax Limitation Initiatives Effective at Limiting Taxes?

  • Mathew D. McCubbins (Duke)
  • Commentators: Joel D. Aberbach (UCLA), Kirk Stark (UCLA)

Paper #3:  Tax Legislation in the Contemporary U.S. Congress

  • Michael Doran (Georgetown)
  • Commentators:  Victor Fleischer (San Diego), Jason Oh (UCLA)

Paper #4:  Tax Attitudes in the Obama Era

  • Andrea Louise Campbell (MIT)
  • Commentators:  Jeffrey B. Lewis (UCLA), Edward McCaffery (USC)

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