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Thursday, October 17, 2013

39th Annual Notre Dame Tax & Estate Planning Institute

ND_TaxEstate_Oct2013_booklet_Page_1The 39th Annual Notre Dame Tax & Estate Planning Institute kicks off today. Tax Prof speakers include:

  • Gerry Beyer (Texas Tech), An Estate Planning Trilogy: Digital Assets, Guns and Pets
  • Larry Frolik (Pittsburgh), Monitoring Trustees: When, Why and How to Use a Trust Protector
  • David Herzig (Valparaiso), Evaluating Mistakes Made With Commonly-Used Techniques (The Screw-ups) And Evaluating e Risks Associated With Certain Techniques
  • William LaPiana (New York Law School), It’s Yours If You Do as I Say: Conditional Gifts and In Terrorem Clauses
  • Jeffrey Pennell (Emory), Myths, Mysteries and Mistakes: Common Transfer Tax Concepts That Are Not Well-Known or Understood
  • Jeffrey Schoenblum (Vanderbilt), Using DINGs, NINGs and Other Trusts to Reduce or Eliminate State Income Taxes

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