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Thursday, September 19, 2013

TIGTA: Chief Counsel's Office Is at Risk of Outside Influence on Letter Rulings

TIGTA The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration yesterday released Chief Counsel Should Take Steps to Minimize the Risk of Outside Influence on Its Letter Rulings (2013-10-081):

The IRS issues letter rulings that interpret and apply tax laws to a specific set of facts provided by corporations, individuals, and international entities. Because each letter ruling can impact millions of dollars of tax collections, the IRS must protect the integrity and independence of the letter ruling process. The appearance that practitioners could possibly manipulate the letter ruling process may result in the risk that inappropriate favorable rulings could cost the Government substantial tax revenue. ...

Chief Counsel does not have written policies or an effective management information system to prevent practitioners or taxpayers from having letter ruling requests assigned to a preferred attorney. Specifically, five of the six associate offices that provide rulings had no written policies and insufficient management information to assess the potential risk of outside influence on the assignment of their letter rulings. ...

TIGTA recommended that the Chief Counsel ... develop written policies for all Associate Chief Counsel offices to oversee, manage, and, as appropriate, limit the number of letter ruling assignments from the same practitioner.

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