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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

IRS, DOJ Tax Attorney Jobs

IRS Logo 2Senior Level Counsel, Internal Revenue Service:

This position serves as the Chief Counsel’s primary contact and leading expert in electronic litigation and as a confidential advisor to the Associate Chief Counsel (Procedure and Administration) on a variety of matters, including complex litigation and federal tax matters. Because of outstanding stature in the electronic litigation field, the incumbent's opinions are recognized as especially authoritative, are sought after, and given special weight. As such, he/she assists the executive in the formulation of policies and programs for the operation of the Office, including those relating to electronic litigation, complex litigation and federal tax matters, and performs special assignments of the highest complexity and impact of a case or project nature. The incumbent represents the Associate Chief Counsel in the regulations, revenue ruling, letter ruling and litigation processes, and acts as a personal consultant to executives on a variety of legal, technical, and tax matters in their area of expertise. The incumbent will serve as an expert on complex litigation and in the management and retrieval of electronically stored information and other Chief Counsel records of significance to the electronic discovery process, and serve as the point of contact and coordinator of electronic discovery and information governance projects, including the collection, processing, review and production of electronically stored information. He/She represents and acts for the head of the respective business area within Chief Counsel in a close and confidential capacity, the incumbent serves as program manager and technical senior advisor to the Associate Chief Counsel on a broad array of activities designed to fulfill Counsel's responsibilities to prepare, review, and assist in the preparation of proposed legislation, to handle complex litigation and to provide legal support to the Internal Revenue Service, including overseeing all facets of electronic litigation. In this capacity, the incumbent serves as the Office's representative and liaison with the IRS, and the Department of Justice and Treasury on significant matters involving electronic litigation and electronic discovery.

  • Salary Range:  $119,554 to $165,300
  • Application Due Date:  Tuesday, September 03, 2013 

DOJ Logo (2013)Chief, Civil Trial Section, Central Region, Tax Division, Department Of Justice:

The Chief of the Civil Trial Section, Central Region, Tax Division, U.S. Department of Justice, manages a staff of approximately 28 attorneys and 9 support staff. The Chief advises trial attorneys as to policy, procedure, and substantive case preparation, development, and strategy; reviews case documents; and makes final Section recommendations with respect to appeal and compromise recommendations in cases pending in the Section. The Chief personally supervises Section tax cases of the greatest magnitude and importance. The Chief is personally involved in hiring for the Section, assessing training and professional development needs of employees, and working with the Division’s Office of Training and others to develop and implement training and other developmental programs. He or she promotes an inclusive culture within the Section and Division and works collaboratively to meet Division and Departmental diversity and inclusion goals. The Chief ensures that attorneys and other section employees operate within Section budget constraints and comply with all government recordkeeping requirements (financial and otherwise) and with Division and Department litigating policies and procedures. The Chief represents the Division at, or independently participates in, conferences and other gatherings sponsored by the bench and bar. The Chief is personally responsible for keeping the Assistant Attorney General and the appropriate Deputy Assistant Attorneys General timely and fully informed about issues, positions to be taken, and procedural developments in pending Section cases that may have precedential or policy implications. Except for important or precedential matters, however, the Chief normally receives only general instructions from the Assistant Attorney General and the appropriate Deputy Assistant Attorneys General.

  • Salary Range:  $119,554 to $179,700
  • Application Due Date:  Thursday, September 19, 2013

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