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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Goldman: The Economics of Law Prof Ebook Publishing

EPubForbes:  Self-Publishing A Legal Casebook: An Ebook Success Story, by Eric Goldman (Santa Clara):

I co-authored a casebook on Advertising and Marketing Law with Prof. Rebecca Tushnet of Georgetown Law. Last July, we self-published the casebook as an ebook via Scribd and Gumroad. Drawing on the past 14 months of data, this post explains why I consider the self-publishing experiment a success.  ...

We decided to self-publish the book as a DRM-free PDF. We deliberately chose a low price of $10. For comparison, the typical traditionally-published casebook run $150-$200 and some other legal casebook ebooks are trying to establish a $30 price point. ...

In the past 14 months, we’ve sold 467 copies at Scribd and 58 at Gumroad, for a total sales volume of 525 copies and net royalties of over $4,100. Assuming a few more adoptions in Spring 2014, we will substantially exceed my expectations for the first two years.

Update:   ABA Journal, Self-Published $10 Law School Casebook a Good Deal for Buyer and Seller, Co-author Says

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