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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Call for Proposals: Tax Law and Love

Pepperdine Campus PhotoThe Herbert and Elinor Nootbaar Institute on Law, Religion and Ethics at Pepperdine has issued a Call for Proposals on Love and Law: "What would law be like if we organized it around the value of Christian love [agape]?" at Pepperdine on Feb. 7-8, 2014:

In a provocative essay, philosopher Jeffrie Murphy asks the question which serves as the subtitle of this conference: "What would law be like if we organized it around the value of Christian love [agape]?" Analogous questions arise within other theological and moral traditions. What would be the implications for the substance of law and for the practice of law? Join us for the conversation. The following speakers are already confirmed:

  • Barbara Armacost (Virginia), Restorative Justice
  • Stephen Bainbridge (UCLA), The Relevance of Agape to Fiduciary Duties, If Any
  • Patrick Brennan (Villanova), Love, Justice, and Polity in Catholic Social Doctrine
  • Zachary Calo (Valparaiso), Sacralizing Law? Political Forgiveness and Liberal Justice
  • Charles Mathewes (Virginia), Be Instructed, All You Who Judge the Earth: The Dialectic of Law and Love During the World in Psalm 2:10 and Augustine
  • Richard Mouw (Fuller Theological Seminary), Calvin, Law, and Love
  • Jeffrie Murphy (Arizona State), Law Like Love: Does Love Require the Abandonment of Punishment?
  • Joel A. Nichols (St. Thomas), Love, Indeterminacy, and Family Law
  • Ellen Pryor (UNT Dallas), Agape and Legal Education
  • Meghan J. Ryan (SMU), Dignity and Rehabilitation
  • Chaim Saiman (Villanova), Law As Love: A View From the Talmud
  • Michael Scaperlanda (Oklahoma), Love, Law, and the Immigrant
  • Varun Soni (USC), Love as Law: From Dharma to Kama
  • Najeeba Syeed-Miller (Claremont), Humanizing Legal Systems: Exploring the Capacity for a Humane Approach to Justice from a Muslim Perspective
  • Amy Uelmen (Georgetown), Love, Obligation, and the Common Law No Duty to Rescue
  • David VanDrunen (Westminster Seminary), Why Christian Love Is an Improper Category to Apply to Civil Law: A Contrarian Perspective
  • Robert K. Vischer (St. Thomas), Is Agape the Last, Best Hope for the Legal Profession?
  • James Boyd White (Michigan), Agape: the Activity of Reframing

If you would like to present a paper or organize a panel, please submit your proposal by September 13, 2013 via email. Proposals should include a short abstract and bio (one page total). Speakers will be arranged into panels and will have 12-15 minutes to present. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with funding. If you have questions about the substance of the conference, contact Bob Cochran.

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