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Thursday, July 4, 2013

How to Get Students to Come to Tax Class the Night Before July 4th


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Next time offer "free beer" with the pizza and you'll have even more students. Just a tip...

Posted by: Mark | Jul 4, 2013 10:09:38 AM

Next time tell them that there's a test on that night with no make-up exams.

Posted by: Woody | Jul 5, 2013 2:43:46 PM

Schedule a Moot Tax Court competition based upon an SFR assessment and have the Petitioner seek deductions for a home office, T&E expenses and the existance of a reasonable cause basis for the FTF and FTP penalties.

Use a three judge en banc court, two counsel for the Petitioner and the Respondent, taxpayer same sex partners and a couple of expert witnesses thrown into the fact pattern. Do it full blown including a Braerton Hearing and Motions In Liminea. Make sure that there are MAJOR defects in the Statutory Notice and the Petition. Work in a CI investigation which was squashed for fear of someone leaking the list of political honchos who were customers of the site.

Have the Petitioner be self employed in an Internet based dating or sex for hire business and have the trial open to the school.

Beer and pizza to follow of course. :-)

I'll volunteer to judge!

Posted by: Lee David Auerbach Esq. | Jul 6, 2013 3:40:38 AM