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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

McGill Hosts Tax Justice Round Table and Research Symposium

McGillMcGill University Faculty of Law hosts a Tax Justice Round Table (today) and Research Symposium (tomorrow):

Tax Justice Round Table:
Allison Christians (McGill) (moderator)
John Christensen (Director, Tax Justice Network (United Kingdom))
Alain Deneault (Founder, Tax Justice Network (Quebec)
Diana Gibson (President, Canadians for Tax Fairness)
James Henry (Chair, Coordinating Committee, Global Alliance for Tax Justice (USA))
Frédéric Zalac (Investigative Reporter, Radio-Canada)

Tax Justice Research Symposium:
The Tax Justice Research Symposium aims to bring together academic researchers and graduate students, investigative journalists and campaigners to exchange information on tax justice research being done, identify research needs and gaps and develop strategies to facilitate research and collaboration between researchers and campaigners.

  • Making corporations pay their fair share of taxes
  • Taxing inequality
  • Provincial and municipal fiscal challenges and solutions
  • Tax reform and closing tax loopholes
  • Tackling tax evasion and avoidance
  • Taxing to save the environment
  • Exploring the tax justice research gaps
For more details and the program, see here and here.

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