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Thursday, May 23, 2013

8th Annual Junior Tax Scholars Workshop Concludes Today at Miami

Miami LogoThe Eighth Annual Junior Tax Scholars’ Workshop concludes today at Miami:

Panel # 1: Distribution:

David Gamage (UC-Berkeley), On Double Distortion Arguments, Distribution Policy, and the Optimal Tax Mix
Commentators: Leigh Osofsky (Miami), Lily Faulhaber (Boston University)

Tracey Roberts (Seattle), Brackets: One Hundred Years of Graduated Rates
Commentators: Jason Oh (UCLA), Susannah Tahk (Wisconsin)

Jennifer Bird-Pollan (Kentucky), Wealth Transfer Taxes as a Tool to Achieve Equality of Opportunity: Rawls and the Estate Tax
Commentators: David Kamin (NYU), David Herzig (Valparaiso)

Panel #2: Legislation:

Jason Oh (UCLA), The Pivotal Politics of Temporary Legislation
Commentators: Jake Brooks (Georgetown), Kathleen DeLaney Thomas (North Carolina)

David Kamin (NYU), Baseless Baselines
Commentators: Tracey Roberts, Shuyi Oei

Andrew Blair-Stanek, Crisis-Proofing the Tax Code
Commentators: Susannah Tahk (Wisconsn), Leigh Osofsky (Miami)

Panel #3: Enforcement:

Leigh Osofsky (Miami), Microdeterrence
Commentators: David Herzig (Valparaiso), Shuyi Oei (Tulane)

Kathleen DeLaney Thomas (North Carolina), Taxpayer (Dis)Honesty: The Psychic Cost of Tax Evasion
Commentators: David Gamage (UC- Berkeley), David Kamin (NYU)

Emily Cauble (DePaul), Safe Harbors
Commentators: Andrew Blair-Stanek (Maryland), Randle Pollard (Indiana)

Panel #4: States:

Randle Pollard (Indiana), “Was the Deal Worth It?”: The Dilemma of States with Ineffective Economic Incentives Programs
Commentators: Tracey Roberts (Seattle), Andrew Blair Stanek (Maryland)

Lily Faulhaber (Boston University), Is Economic Equivalence Overrated by Economists or Underrated by Courts?: A Case Study of State-Level Tax Expenditures in the United States and European Union
Commentators: Omri Marian (Florida), Philip Hackney (LSU)

Susannah Tahk (Wisconsin), The Way You Tax Me: How Earmarking Tax Revenues Makes Taxes Flourish
Commentators: Jake Brooks (Georgetown), Jason Oh (UCLA)

Panel #5: International & Other:

Sam Brunson (Loyola-Chicago), Why the Revenue Rule?: Enforcing Foreign Tax Judgments
Commentators: Omri Marian (Florida), Khrista Johnson (Pepperdine)

Omri Marian (Florida), Consult Your Own Tax Advisor: Rethinking Tax Disclosure in Registered Offerings
Commentators: David Gamage (UC-Berkeley), Randle Pollard (Indiana)

Panel #6: Exempt Organizations:

Khrista Johnson (Pepperdine), The Charitable Deduction Games II: Catching Change
Commentators: Lily Faulhaber (Boston University), Emily Cauble (DePaul)

Ben Leff (American), Tax Planning for Marijuana Dealers
Commentators: Phil Hackney (LSU), Jennifer Bird-Pollan (Kentucky)

Phil Hackney (LSU), Zen and the Art of Regulating Business Leagues
Commentators: Ben Leff (American), Sam Brunson (Loyola-Chicago)

Panel #7: Specific Industries:

Shu-Yi Oei (Tulane), Federal User Fees in Agency, Political, and Business Context: The Case of Commercial Aviation
Commentators: Khrista Johnson (Pepperdin), Kathleen DeLaney Thomas (North Carolina)

Jake Brooks (Georgetown), Evaluating PAYE As a Tax
Commentators: Ben Leff (American), Jennifer Bird-Pollan (Kentucky

David Herzig (Valparaiso), Examining the Gasoline Tax
Commentators: Sam Brunson (Loyola-Chicago), Emily Cauble (DePaul)

Prior Junior Tax Scholars Workshops:

Photo from the 2013 Junior Tax Scholars Workshop:


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