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Friday, April 5, 2013

The Death and Resurrection of Sitemeter

SitemeterSitemeter, the ubiquitous traffic tracking service used by many blogs (including TaxProf Blog and the Law Professor Blogs Network), went down yesterday.  Disenchanted Tech and Frog Blog reported yesterday that Sitemeter may have neglected to reregister the domain:

Normally when domains expire they go into a holding pattern for a while before they’re finally released and available to be registered again however it looks like someone swooped in and snapped it up straight away. This could get messy.

Disenchanted Tech reports today that Is Back (Nearly):

As of this morning, sitemeter’s whois information is back to what it should be. So it looks like they were lucky and got their domain name back quickly.

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Thanks for paying attention to all this with SiteMeter. Based on my experience lately with a paid account, SiteMeter seems to be in some kind of death spiral. None of my details have updated since April 26. My page views are evidently being counted as visits (I can cross check other tracking modules and see this).

I've filed multiple tech service requests and only get a robotic response.

The company makes this worst by neither sending emails to customers or updating its tech blog.

Unfortunately, I've built out blogs for a number of groups and included SiteMeter on most of them and really talked it up as a way to see activity in real time.

Posted by: Owen Taylor | May 12, 2013 5:47:51 AM