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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jimmy McMillan: Law School Dean or Mayor of New York?

Following up on my prior post on The Law School Crisis: What Would Jimmy McMillan Do?, 31 Pepperdine Law 14 (Fall 2012):

Several years ago, I co-wrote an article on applying the principles from Michael Lewis’s Moneyball book to legal education (What Law Schools Can Learn from Billy Beane and the Oakland Athletics (82 Texas L. Rev. 1483 (2004)). The article asked what Billy Beane would do as the dean of a law school to capitalize on the inefficiencies in legal education. 

Perhaps a better model for the crisis facing legal education today is Jimmy McMillan, who ran for New York Governor in 2010 with the slogan “the rent is too damn high.” Law school tuition is simply too damn high. Administrators and faculty need to ruthlessly examine law school budgets and cut areas that are not essential to the school’s mission. Law school is twice as expensive as it was twenty years ago (in inflation-adjusted dollars), yet no one would argue that legal education is twice as good today.

Jimmy McMillan is now running for Mayor of New York City:

(Hat Tip: Joshua Blank.)

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Perhaps the more germane question to ask in the near future is "What Will Law Schools Do if GradPLUS Loans Are Ended?" Seeing as both the Gates and Lumina Foundations - THE policy makers in higher education - and Simpson-Bowles all want to kill GradPLUS loans, with each specifically citing the law school crisis as a primary motivation, this may well come to fruition.

Posted by: Unemployed Northeastern | Apr 25, 2013 1:17:39 PM

The Lumina Foundation was created by and for a private student lender. They themselves are running a usurious subprime student loan program (ostensibly under do-gooder principles). They only want to end grad plus loans so their parent company can charge higher interest rates, squeeze both students and universities, and make higher education higher cost and lower quality.

Grad plus loans are a *profit center* for the federal government, as is legal education.

Ending them would make the U.S. government's fiscal situation worse.

There is no crisis in student default rates--just a lot of uninformed media hype.

Posted by: Anon | Apr 28, 2013 7:22:42 AM