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Friday, April 26, 2013

ATPI & Rice University Host Conference Today on International Tax Reform

The American Tax Policy Institute and Rice University's Baker Institute host a conference today on Reforming the U.S. System for Taxing International Income in Washington, D.C.:

The President and Members of Congress have called for reforms of our international tax system. Some view the system as broken and in need of fundamental reform. Others advocate incremental changes. Join us for a lively and informative discussion of a new set of papers from experts in law, economics and accounting addressing problems with the U.S. international tax system and analyzing the economic advantages and practical problems of moving to new systems for taxing the profits U.S. firms earn abroad. Discussants and moderators include leading practitioners, academics and policy analysts.

Panel #1:  Fixing the System;  An Analysis of Alternative Proposals for the Reform of International Tax
Jane Gravelle (Congressional Research Service)
Harry Grubert (U.S. Treasury Department)
Rosanne Altshuler (Rutgers)
Lee Sheppard (Tax Notes)
John Samuels (VP and Sr. Counsel-Tax Policy and Planning, General Electric)

Panel #2;  Designing a Territorial Tax System When the Treasury Is Empty
Reuven Avi-Yonah (Michigan)
J. Clifton Fleming, Jr. (BYU)
Robert J. Peroni (Texas)
Steve Shay (Harvard)
Eric Toder (Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center)
Chris Sanchirico (Pennsylvania)

Panel #3:  Back to the Drawing Board: The Structural and Accounting Consequences of a Switch to a Territorial System
Peter Merrill (PricewaterhouseCoopers)
Ed Outslay (Michigan State)
Gary McGill (Florida)
Michael Donohoe (Illinois)
Mihir Desai (Harvard)
Jennifer Blouin (Pennsylvania)

Keynote Panel:  Three Views on the Most Important Goals for Tax Reform
Reuven Avi-Yonah (Michigan)
Michael Cabbalero (Covington & Burling, Washington, D.C.)
Mihir Desai (Harvard)

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