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Friday, March 22, 2013

Law Professor Download Rankings

Following up on my monthly SSRN Tax Professor Download Rankings:  Larry Cunningham (George Washington) blogs the Top 50 Law Professors and the Top 25 Corporate Law Professors by all-time SSRN downloads.  Here are the Top 10 of each:

  Top 10 Law Professors  
Rank Professor Downloads
1 Lucian Bebchuk (Harvard) 190.698
2 Daniel Solove (G. Washington) 173,999
3 Bernard Black (Northwestern) 135,130
4 Cass Sunstein (Harvard) 134,109
5 Mark Lemley (Stanford) 125,150
6 Stephen Bainbridge (UCLA) 92,448
7 William Landes (Chicago) 76,844
8 Brian Leiter (Chicago) 75,362
9 Eric Posner (Chicago) 73,136
10 Orin Kerr (G. Washington) 64,538


  Top 10 Corporate Law Professors  
Rank Professor Downloads
1 Lucian Bebchuk (Harvard) 190.698
2 Bernard Black (Northwestern) 135,130
3 Stephen Bainbridge (UCLA) 92,448
4 John Coffee (Columbia) 62,631
5 Reinier Kraakman (Harvard) 53,194
6 Partnoy, Frank (San Diego) 52,038
7 Ronald Gilson (Columbia/Stanford) 49,677
8 Steven Schwarcz (Duke) 48,356
9 Mitu Gulati (Duke) 45,635
10 Allen Ferrell (Harvard) 41,830

Reuven Avi-Yonah (Michigan) is the only tax professor on the list of the Top 50 Law Professors -- he is #44.

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The fact that all of these are men, and all but one teach at ranking law schools, suggest that this is far more a matter of publicity and networking than academic quality.

Posted by: michael livingston | Mar 23, 2013 3:18:08 AM

And consider the impact that an even moderately successful blogger has relative to the comparatively small number of downloads represented here.

Granted, a blog post and an academic paper are two very different things with two different objectives...still, consider that *this* blog alone might get 190k uniques in a single *month*...

Posted by: cas127 | Mar 25, 2013 2:01:16 AM