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Friday, March 1, 2013

Cincinnati Law Faculty Provide CLE for Student Scholarships

UC Logo Yet another reason why I love the University of Cincinnati College of Law and my colleagues:  the law school faculty today is holding a "Teach-In", offering 12 CLE programs for lawyers with all proceeds going toward student scholarships (were I not in Malibu, there would have been 13):

  • Marjorie Aaron: Client Science: Toward Loyal Clients Who Trust Their Lawyers and Believe the Bad News
  • Lynn Bai, Broker-Dealers' Obligations as Clients: What Does Fiduciary Duties Add to the Palette?
  • Marianna Bettman, Hot Cases from the Ohio Supreme Court
  • Chris Bryant, Constitutional Law Update: Federalism After the "ObamaCare" Ruling
  • Jacob Cogan, International Sales: How Do We Advise Thee? Let Us Count the Laws!
  • Emily Houh, Is Mutual Assent Extinct or Still the Contract Linchpin?
  • Bert Lockwood, Contemporary Slavery
  • Brad Mank, An Environmental and Energy Law Overview on Climate Change Issues
  • Stephanie McMahon, What Non-Tax Folks Should Know About Federal Taxes for Selling a Business
  • Janet Moore, Fact-Busting, Theory-Building, and Storyboarding: Narrative Strategies for Litigation
  • Ronna Greff Schnieder, Hop Topics Under the First Amendment
  • Carrie Wood, Politics, DNA, and the Innocence Revolution

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Cutting professor salaries and reducing tuition should be the next step.

Posted by: Hmmm | Mar 3, 2013 6:58:12 AM

Is this helpful, or is it more like Pontius Pilot washing his hands?

Posted by: JM | Mar 3, 2013 10:54:50 AM