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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Caron: Tax Advice for the Second Obama Administration

Tax Symposium GraphicPaul L. Caron (Cincinnati & Pepperdine), Tax Advice for the Second Obama Administration, 40 Pepp. L. Rev. __ (2013):

Twenty-five of the nation’s leading tax academics, practitioners, journalists, and public intellectuals gathered in Malibu, California on the Friday before President Obama’s second inauguration to plead for tax reform. The papers published in this issue of the Pepperdine Law Review provide very different prescriptions for America’s tax ills. But there is a unanimous diagnosis that the country’s tax system is sick indeed. A re-elected president’s inauguration offers a particularly propitious moment to put politics aside and embark on a treatment plan. If our lawmakers are interested in healing our tax wounds, the ideas presented in these pages offer a good place to begin. They run the gamut from relatively minor procedures to total transplantation. But all would improve the health of our current tax system.

Keynote Address:  Michael Graetz (Columbia), Tax Advice for the Second Obama Administration, 138 Tax Notes 631 (Feb. 4, 2013)

Panel #1:  The Buffett Rule, the 1%, and the Fairness/Growth Divide

  • Dorothy A. Brown (Emory), The 535 Report: A Pathway to Fundamental Tax Reform, 40 Pepp. L. Rev. ___ (2013)
  • Francine J. Lipman (UNLV), Access to Tax InJustice, 40 Pepp. L. Rev. ___ (2013)
  • Kirk Stark (UCLA) & Eric M. Zolt (UCLA), Tax Reform and the American Middle Class, 40 Pepp. L. Rev. ___ (2013)
  • David Brunori (Tax Analysts) (moderator)
  • Bruce Bartlett (New York Times) (commentator)
  • David S. Miller (Cadwalader, Wickrsham & Taft, New York) (commentator)

Panel #2:  Estate and Gift Tax

Panel #3:  Business and International Taxation (1)

Panel #4:  Business and International Taxation (2)

Luncheon Address and Closing Remarks (What Have We Learned Today?):  David Cay Johnston (author/journalist)

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