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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Merritt and McEntee Launch Law School Cafe

Deborah J. Merritt  Law School Cafe_Page_1(Ohio State) and Kyle McEntee (Law School Transparency) have launched a new website, Law School Cafe:

Law School Cafe is a resource for anyone interested in reshaping legal education. Many law schools, workplaces, and bar associations are considering change; this site is designed to help you explore specific proposals.

Cafe Tables

The site’s main page includes a series of posts called “Cafe Tables.” Each table focuses on a particular proposal for change. Some innovations are small, others are large. We draw these proposals from many sources: published papers, other websites, formal comments submitted to the ABA’s Task Force on the Future of Legal Education, and personal conversations. If you have a proposal, please let Deborah Merritt (the cafe manager) know at

Each table includes a brief description of the proposal, links to sources, and observations or questions to start the conversation. The comment threads are open: We invite you to offer your reactions, critiques, and ideas for improvement on each proposal (but please read the “Comment Policy” below). The tables offer a way to explore the pros and cons of each proposal, as well as to refine ideas.

If you have experience with a proposed change, or would like to offer an extended comment, please let the cafe manager know (again, that’s You can create a “perspective” post for a table, which will appear on the main page together with the original post. The perspectives allow further development of ideas.

Book Club

The Book Club complements the Cafe Tables by offering brief summaries of recent papers or books related to legal education. These pieces don’t always propose specific changes, but they offer useful insights to the problems facing us. Comments are open here as well, so feel free to post your reactions.

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