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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Catholic University Launches Business School to Mix Faith and Finance

Wall Catholic UniversityStreet Journal:  B-School Mixes Faith and Finance: Catholic University's New Program Will Infuse Courses With Instruction in Virtues:

Confident that aspiring corporate leaders want to worship more than just the almighty dollar, Catholic University of America is creating a new business school. The Washington, D.C., university will announce the launch of its new School of Business and Economics on Tuesday, infusing an education in strategy, accounting and marketing with instruction in morals, character and religious values. ...

Catholic currently enrolls 421 undergraduates and 36 graduate students in its existing business program—just a fraction of the size of similar institutions, such as Georgetown University or University of Notre Dame, whose business schools also mix faith with finance. ... It is hard to measure whether any business school, secular or religious, successfully instills a moral compass in its students. While institutions can count the CEOs or millionaires in their alumni ranks, there are few metrics for determining graduates' ethical acumen.

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If this school doesn't actively mislead applicants concerning the school's job placement success...they will be ethical light-years ahead of every single law school and graduate business school existing today.

Posted by: cas127 | Jan 9, 2013 12:32:41 PM

What a and ethics! Let's hope it carries over to law schools that turn out politicians. But, shouldn't schools have been teaching something along these lines all along? Oh, I forgot. God was shown the door out in most schools over the past few decades.

Posted by: Woody | Jan 9, 2013 3:18:12 PM