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Friday, December 7, 2012

U.S. News Ranking: Most Efficient National Universities

U.S. News Old LogoRobert Morse (Director of Data Research, U.S. News), Which Highly Ranked Universities Operate Most Efficiently?:

The new list is based on operating efficiency, defined as a school's 2011 fiscal year financial resources per student divided by its overall score (the basis U.S. News uses to determine its overall numerical rank) in the 2013 Best Colleges rankings. This calculation reveals how much each school is spending to achieve one point in the overall score and its position in the rankings. The less a school is spending relative to its ranking, the more efficient it is in producing a quality education among its peers.

National University Rank Resources Per Student
Florida State University 97 $17,731
Brigham Young University 68 $20,441
Miami University 89 $19,091
University of Alabama 77 $20,288
College of William & Mary 33 $27,572
Colorado School of Mines 77 $21,417
University of Missouri 97 $21,226
SUNY-Binghamton 89 $22,181
Indiana University 83 $22,806
Ohio University 131 $18,983
Rutgers-Newark 115 $20,801
University of Georgia 63 $27,028
Clemson University 68 $26,293
U. of South Carolina 115 $21,389
Virginia Tech 72 $26,261
Clark University 83 $25,073
Duquesne University 120 $21,216
University of Oregon 115 $21,749
Texas Christian University 92 $24,486
Missouri U. Science & Tech. 125 $21,044

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Dumbest. Metric. Ever.

Posted by: HTA | Dec 7, 2012 1:08:22 PM

What's so dumb about it? Tuition prices are out of control. To the extent a school is able to control costs while still maintaining a good ranking, it's certainly worth noting so other universities can possible study and adopt the practices.

Posted by: john | Dec 9, 2012 12:53:44 PM