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Thursday, November 22, 2012

What Tax Profs Are Thankful For

  • Cass Brewer (Georgia State):  "I am thankful for having the most wonderful job in the world and a supportive family."
  • Bryan Camp (Texas Tech):  "This year I am thankful for my students, who view their law degree as something to be earned, not received, and who are determined to use their skills to make the world safer, cleaner, calmer, better."
  • Paul Caron (Cincinnati):  "I am thankful for my wonderful wife and children (and dog), terrific faculty colleagues and students at UC, Pepperdine, and USD, and special church communities in Cincinnati, Malibu, and San Diego."
  • Mark Cochran (St. Mary's):  "I'm thankful for my family, my colleagues, and college football."
  • Bridget Crawford (Pace):  "Tax Stories, zeroed-out GRATs, and Shamik Trivedi (writer for Tax Notes)."
  • Frank Doti (Chapman):  "As a law professor, having the greatest job in the world."
  • Cliff Fleming (BYU):  "I'm thankful that I continue to learn new things as my students come up with questions that I would never have thought of. But most important, although my wife of 48 years must have a test every three months to determine whether her cancer remission continues, the most recent test was favorable and so life is good for three more months. And there's reason to hope for the future. I'll settle for that. It's a bad idea to let fear rule your life."
  • David Hasen (Santa Clara):  "I'm thankful for my job, my wonderful friends and family, and, most of all, for the love of God poured out in Jesus Christ."
  • Sagit Leviner (SUNY-Buffalo):  "I am thankful for cotton candy country music when I need to clear my head, hot coco on a cold winter day, Obama serving for a second term, and the (need &) possibility for a different, more respectful & sustainable, future in the Middle East."
  • Francine Lipman (UNLV):  "I'm thankful for fabulous new faculty, administration and staff colleagues, and law students at UNLV. They have exceeded my highest expectations on every level. I feel so fortunate and thankful to be a member of your warm and wonderful community."
  • Jim Maule (Villanova):  [See here.]
  • David Pratt (Albany):  "Apart from the obvious (wife, kids etc):  Romney lost and the Supremes did not throw out the Affordable Care Act."
  • Walter Schwidetzky (Baltimore):  "Getting to be a Tax Prof."
  • Ted Seto (Loyola-L.A.):  "I am thankful for the TaxProf Blog, which makes my job a great deal easier than it otherwise would be."

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