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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fleischer: The Winners and Losers Under Romney’s Tax Plan

NY Times DealBookNew York Times DealBook:  The Winners and Losers Under Romney’s Tax Plan, by Victor Fleischer (Colorado):

Who are the likely winners and losers under the Romney plan? Most of the action will occur within this top quintile of taxpayers. These households make at least $100,000, and they make about $250,000 on average, before tax. In the aggregate, they pay most of the federal income tax burden.

Assume, as Mr. Romney suggested in one debate, that deductions, in total, would be limited to $25,000. The winners would be those who would enjoy the lower rates but do not take a lot of deductions. Their tax burden would shift onto heavy users of deductions.

And who is that? Let’s focus on three important tax breaks: the mortgage interest deduction, the charitable deduction and the deduction for state and local taxes. The pain would be concentrated in areas with a high cost of living like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and California, where home prices and state and local taxes are high....

From an academic perspective, there is much to like in the Romney plan, with its broader base and lower rates. But it is not a win for everyone. And history shows that those who would be made worse off have great success in persuading Congress to maintain the status quo.

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So this guy has a problem with nurses, teachers, police & firefighters? Small business owners like barbers? Who does he think makes $100k?

Posted by: Sandy P. | Nov 1, 2012 5:48:03 AM