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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dean Presents A Hybrid Financial Instrument for Social Enterprise Today at Toronto

DeanSteven Dean (Brooklyn) presents Hunting Stag with FLY Paper: A Hybrid Financial Instrument for Social Enterprise (with Dana Brakman Reiser (Brooklyn)) at Toronto today as part of its James Hausman Tax Law and Policy Workshop Series hosted by Ben Alarie:

Social entrepreneurs and socially motivated investors share a belief in the power of social enterprise, ventures that pursue a “double bottom line” of profit and social good.  Unfortunately, they also share a deep mutual suspicion.  Recognizing that social ventures—just like traditional for- and nonprofit enterprises—need capital to flourish, this Article offers a financing tool to transform that skepticism into commitment.  Unlike the array of new entities that have emerged in recent years—including L3Cs, benefit corporations and flexible purpose corporations—the hybrid financial instrument it describes provides a robust and transparent solution to the puzzle that lies at the heart of every social enterprise: how to blend a profit motive with a social mission.  Recognizing their shared dilemma as an example of what economists call a stag hunt, FLY Paper strikes that elusive balance by allowing investors and entrepreneurs to credibly signal a reciprocal commitment to the pursuit of a dual bottom line.

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