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Friday, October 26, 2012

Tulane Hosts Conference Today on A Fiscal Trilemma?

Tulane University LogoThe Murphy Institute of Tulane University hosts a conference today on A Fiscal Trilemma?:

  • Leonard E. Burman (Syracuse University), Pathways to Tax Reform Revisited
  • John W. Diamond & George R. Zodrow (both of Rice University), Promoting Growth, Maintaining Progressivity, and Dealing with the Debt: Lessons from CGE Models and Simulations of a Debt‐Reducing VAT
  • William G. Gale & Samuel Brown (both of The Brookings Institution), Tax Reform for Growth, Equity, and Revenue
  • James R. Hines, Jr. (University of Michigan), The Redistributive Potential of Wealth Transfer Taxes
  • Rasmus Højbjerg Jacobsen, Søren Bo Nielsen & Anders Sørensen (all of Copenhagen Business School), The Fiscal Trilemma in a Danish Perspective
  • Diane Lim Rogers (The Concord Coalition), Leaving the Bush Tax Cuts for Better Tax Policy
  • Laurence Seidman (University of Delaware), Overcoming the Fiscal Trilemma with Two Progressive Consumption Tax Supplements
  • Alan D. Viard (The American Enterprise Institute), Addressing the Fiscal Trilemma Through Progressive Consumption Taxation: The Choice of Tax Design

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