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Sunday, September 30, 2012

International Tax Research Symposium

IFA LogoThe International Tax Research Symposium, held in conjunction with the 66th Congress of the International Fiscal Association (56-page program here), will feature these papers:

  • Reuven Avi-Yonah (University of Michigan, U.S.), Eppur Si Muove: Mobility, Taxation, and the Capital/Labor Dichotomy
  • Chloe A. Burnett (Sydney University, Australia), Is Cross-Border Intragroup Debt Equity? The Interaction Between Debt/Equity, Transfer Pricing and Thin Capitalization Rules
  • Luzi Cavelti (University of Berne, Switzerland), Globalization and Different Models of International Cooperation in Tax Law
  • Michael Dirkis (The University of Sydney, Australia), Nowhere Man Sitting in His Nowhere Land: Case Studies in Cross Border Arbitrage
  • Ramon Dwarkasing (Tilburg University, Netherlands), The Concept of Associated Enterprises
  • Eva Eberhartinger, Andreas Göritzer & Erich Pummerer (Vienna University of Economics & Business and University of Innsbruck, Austria), Tax Advantage of Cross-Border Variable Interest Payments under Economic and Legal Uncertainty
  • Craig Elliffe (The University of Auckland, New Zealand), Discriminatory Thin Capitalisation Rules: The Relationship between the Non-Discrimination Article in the OECD Model and Domestic Thin Capitalisation Rules
  • Sandra Martinho Fernandes (IBFD, Netherlands), Capital Attribution: Towards an International Standard?
  • Tracy Gutuza (University of Cape Town, South Africa), A South African Tax Law Perspective: The Taxation of Enterprises and the Headquarter Company Structure in the Southern African Context
  • Saurabh Jain, John Prebble & Kristina Bunting (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand), Conduit Companies, Beneficial Ownership, and the Test of Substantive Business Activity in Claims for Relief under Double Tax Treaties
  • Khrista McCarden (Pepperdine University, U.S.), The Charitable Deduction Games: Are the Laws in Your Favor?
  • Angharad Miller (Bournemouth University, UK), A Comprehensive Survey of Treaty Practices Concerning Enterprise Services
  • Andreas Oestreicher & Claudia Kessler (Univeristy of Göttingen, Germany), CCCTB Option
  • Henry Ordower (Saint Louis University, U.S.), Utopian Visions toward a Grand Unified Global Tax Base
  • María Teresa Soler Roch & Emilio Cencerrado Millán (University of Alicante, Spain), Limitations on the Deduction of Interests: Some Recent Developments
  • Gloria Teixeira (University of Porto, Portugal), Tax and Accounting Principles: The Hard Path of Tax Harmonization in the EU

Symposium Committee:

  • Brigitte W. Muehlmann (Suffolk University) (Chair)
  • Daniel M. Berman (Boston University Law School & McGladrey LLP)
  • Diane M. Ring (Boston College Law School)
  • Stephen E. Shay (Harvard Law School)

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