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Friday, September 28, 2012

Intellectual Property and the Income Tax

Jelis Subhan (Dr. Ambedkar College, Department of Law), Intellectual Property and Income Tax:

The Intellectual Property commonly termed as ‘IP’ has now acquired the status of a fortune creating tool and now individuals and the corporations as well, are confronting the challenges of valuation of such properties and the affect they cast upon assessment of taxes.It has brought about a change in the manner the corporate sector is viewing the assets and their tax planning. In the developing economies, the Intellectual Property Rights has an enormous impact as the indigenous Intellectual Property more often than no Intellectual Property signifies innovations and human creativity, its objective lies in creation of incentives that maximizes the value of the IP that is created and used in comparison to the social cost of its creation and the cost of administering the system.This article intends to focus upon the assessment of income tax incident to IP transactions.

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