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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cornell Hosts Jurisprudential Perspectives on Tax Law Conference

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The Jurisprudential Perspectives of Taxation Law conference organized by John Prebble (Victoria University of Wellington) and W. Bradley Wendel (Cornell) concludes today at Cornell with these papers (abstracts are available here):

Panel #5:

  • Chye-Ching Huang (University of Auckland), Illuminating Tax Anti-avoidance Doctrines by Analogy to Traditional Constitutional Rights
  • C. John Taylor (University of New South Wales), Tax Treaties And The Attribution Of Profits To Permanent Establishments: Ectopia Unnoticed

Panel #6:

  • Alexandra Pryor (Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies), Ought There to be a Graduated Federal Income Tax?: Is Robin Hood Justice, Justice at All?
  • Darien Shanske (UC-Hastings), Aristotle on Reciprocal Justice or Finally a Name for the Virtue of Tax Non-Avoidance

Panel #7:

  • Karie Davis-Nozemack (Georgia Institute of Technology), Corporate Self-Determination and Tax Planning
  • Natalie P. Stoianoff (University of Technology, Sydney), The Moral Duty to Pay Tax -- Surrendering Freedom or Just Striving for Happiness?

Panel #8:

  • Joel Newman (Wake Forest), Winston-Salem, North Carolina Avoidance and Morality: Must Expenditures Be Moral To Be Deductible?
  • John Prebble (Victoria University of Wellington), Explaining Anti-Avoidance Rules in Terms of Kahneman’s Model of Two Forms of Reasoning
  • John Prebble (Victoria University of Wellington) & Maria Amparo Grau Ruiz (University Complutense Madrid), Jurisprudential Perspectives of Taxation Law: A Manifesto

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