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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sex and God at Yale

Sex Sexand God at Yale: Porn, Political Correctness, and a Good Education Gone Bad (St. Martin's Press, Aug. 21, 2012), by Nathan Harden (B.A. 2009, Yale):

To glimpse America’s future, one needs to look no further than its college campuses. Of those institutions, none holds more clout than Yale University, the hallowed “cradle of presidents.” In Sex and God at Yale, recent graduate Nathan Harden undresses perversity among the Ivy and ideology gone wild as the upper echelon of academia is mired in nothing less than a full-fledged moral crisis.

Three generations ago, William F. Buckley’s classic God and Man at Yale, a critique of enforced liberalism at his alma mater, became a rallying cry of the conservative movement. Today Harden reveals how a loss of purpose, borne of extreme agendas and single-minded political correctness shielded under labels of “academic freedom,” subverts the goals of higher education.

Harden’s provocative narrative highlights the implications of the controversial Sex Week on campus and the social elitism of the Yale “naked party” phenomenon. Going beyond mere sexual expose, Sex and God at Yale pulls the sheets off of institutional licentiousness and examines how his alma mater got to a point where:

  • During “Sex Week” at Yale, porn producers were allowed onto campus property to give demonstrations on sexual technique—and give out samples of their products.
  • An art student received departmental approval—before the ensuing media attention alerted the public and Yale alumni—for an art project in which she claimed to have used the blood and tissue from repeated self-induced miscarriages.
  • The university became the subject of a federal investigation for allegedly creating a hostile environment for women.

Much more than this, Harden examines the inherent contradictions in the partisan politicizing of higher education. What does it say when Yale seeks to distance itself from its Divinity School roots while at the same time it hires a Muslim imam with no academic credentials to instruct students? When the same school that would not allow ROTC on its campus for decades invites a former Taliban spokesperson to study at the university?

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If I had received sex instruction when I was at Yale, I suspect my life and the life of several of my girl friends would have been much happier.

Posted by: michael livingston | Aug 24, 2012 2:01:41 AM

Amazing. No wonder our country is in such trouble when the "elites" have adopted a morality code that makes Chaucer seems like a right wing prude.

Posted by: Shotgun | Aug 24, 2012 11:45:25 AM

Hi Paul,
Thanks for mentioning the book.
- Nathan Harden

Posted by: Nathan Harden | Aug 27, 2012 7:39:50 AM