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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bulls, Bears, and the Ballot Box

BullsMy Cincinnati colleague Lew Godfarb has published Bulls, Bears and the Ballot Box: How the Performance of OUR Presidents Has Impacted YOUR Wallet (Advantage Media Group, July 1, 2013) (with Bob Deitrick):

Which U.S. Presidents have been the best and worst economic stewards for our nation, the business community, and the average American family? Which political party has demonstrated superior economic performance while serving in the White House? Which economic principles have led to each President’s success or failure? What have our elected officials and the voters learned from these results? Bulls, Bears, and the Ballot Box will examine these and many other questions. The answers will surprise you.

The authors review 80 years of our nation’s economic history from the Great Depression and Herbert Hoover, to the Great Recession and George W. Bush; a time period in which the Democratic and Republican Parties occupied the Oval Office for precisely 40 years each. This is where the similarity ends. The authors explore this unique comparative opportunity by using historical data, as well as statistical analysis, to objectively score the Presidents and the political parties under their customized ranking system. Using their Presidential Rules for Economic Success, they explain the economic stumbles and triumphs posted by these 13 presidents as CEO’s of the American economy.

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