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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rhee: Essential Business Concepts for Lawyers

Robert J. Rhee Rhee(Maryland), Essential Concepts of Business for Lawyers (Aspen, 2012):

Accounting and finance cannot be taught through the dense text and format typical of legal casebooks. Mirroring textbooks used at business schools with significant quantities of visuals, Essential Concepts of Business for Lawyers uses many graphical elements, including pictures, charts, diagrams, and tables. Engaging hypotheticals are fun and engaging, but they also illustrate the application of important concepts in business situations. At the end of every chapter, there are three forms of review and summary: Essential Terms, Key Concepts, and Review Questions. The text uses many examples, specially set in example boxes, to illustrate and reinforce difficult concepts. Completely up to the minute, the book features material on important, recent events such as the financial crisis of 2008-2009, the collapse of investment banks, the Bernie Madoff fraud case, and Enron. While this book is not a casebook, it includes edited appellate cases at the end of every chapter. These cases provide essential contextualization, illustrating the legal application of the business concepts presented, and make more concrete the lawyer’s need to understand business. This makes Essential Concepts of Business for Lawyers unique among available books, as the cases connect the unfamiliar (business concepts) with the familiar (case law). Flexibility makes it stand out as well. It can be easily used as a primary text in an independent course on essential business concepts and is the only single book that adequately serves this function. Additionally, this book can be used as a required or recommended supplement in doctrinal business law courses such as business associations, securities regulations, corporate finance, taxation, banking law, financial regulation, and business planning. A Teacher’s Manual accompanies with PowerPoint slides.

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